America do you remember what we have been up against?  Do you remember the GOP darlings of past promising to serve America, only for us to find that once they entered the capital building they all but forgot about us until time to ask for campaign funds?  At which times they promised to stand up and fight for what we wanted this time…and the next time….and the next.  NEVER ONCE DOING SO!

the donald 8-trump.w529.h352

Well if you remember…remember this also…these are the same ilk that are now shouting a bunch of garbage about Trump and the GOP convention delegates and a whole lot of other garbage.  HOW  ABOUT  WE  CALL  THEM  ALL  OUT?

Call out every GOP liberal RINO, every one who is bought and paid for and every GOP liar!

donald trump GOP%202016%20Trump_Sand

Look at the track records and call the liars out. Every one of them.  Especially the liars like Ryan who dare attack…

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